Last Updated: Monday, October 22, 2018

Advice & Open Events

Thinking of changing career? Learning new skills? Or just interested in 'finding out' about courses? Attend one of our Advice & Open Events!

These events, throughout the college year, enable prospective students to come and see first-hand what North Lindsey College can offer. Not sure what the difference between “Open event” and “Advice & Enrolment event” is though? Make sure you read our explanations at the bottom of this page so that you know which you should come to…


2018/19 Open events:


2018/19 Advice & Enrolment events:


Let’s take a moment to answer the big questions though…


What is an “Open event”?

An Open event is where we open up the entire college campus (or sometimes we’re only able to open most of it) for you to come and look around! You can take your time and visit every one of our Curriculum Areas. This will give you the chance to try some of our equipment, take a look at our facilities, ask our students what they think of the courses, ask our staff any questions that you may have.


What is an “Advice & Enrolment event”?

An Advice & Enrolment event is where we provide the opportunity for you to come and ask any questions that you may have. These can be about anything to do with the college, our courses, finance, transportation, etc. We put all of the Curriculum Areas right at the front of the college in our Learning Resource Centre (kinda like a library), so that you don’t have to go far to ask your questions.


While you are at either of these types of events you can; complete an application form for full-time or part-time courses, you can pay for certain courses, sometimes you may even get the chance to be interviewed for your course and be offered a place!


What is a “Special event”?

A Special event could be anything... They're custom events that we will put on when they've been requested, and will tailor to a specific purpose. If you want to know more about a special event then just click on it if it's highlighted in pink and you should be able to find out more information. If you have any questions about special events then email





Do you have any questions about these events? Send an email to: or call 01724 281111 and we'll do our best to help you!