Last Updated: Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Business Community

North Lindsey College has a strong presence around the region, has an outstanding reputation for employer engagement, and meeting employee needs.

We have developed strong partnerships in conjunction with local businesses, and corporate training provided to local businesses through our own corporate training company, Kingsway Training.

Kingsway Training offers flexible tailor-made programmes either on company premises or at the Kingsway Centre.  The College will support the training needs of employers and employees through Adult Skills and other funding initiatives.

Kingsway Training aims to:

  • Offer tailor made programmes which meet your requirements and we can advise you on the availability of funding and appropriate training programmes
  • Work with businesses and support their staff to complete qualifications at all levels
  • Offer programmes in a range of skill areas including:
    • Business Administration and Management
    • Business Improvement Techniques
    • Food Manufacture
    • Warehousing and Transportation
    • Health and Public Services
    • Skills for Life
  • Offer a College certificate for non accredited programmes and can provide you with information on progress, success and achievement
  • Use Centres to deliver a range of business communication skills through ESOL and other Skills for Life programmes including information technology to improve the access for individuals to these life enhancing skills and improving business effectiveness
  • Work very closely with partners including the Economic Development Team of North Lincolnshire Council and University of Hull
  • Continually review our provision to ensure it meets business needs and continues to improve.


North Lindsey College, and our strategic business engagement arm Kingsway Training, are involved in a number of partnerships around the region.

We also have training suites located inside local businesses, such as - 2 Sisters Food Group in Scunthorpe.

These suites provide a route into further education and training for the staff at these companies, and other learners who find them easier to get to than the main college site.

For more information, please contact our friendly customer services team on 01724 294030 who will be happy to provide more information about the exciting range of courses on offer.