Last Updated: Thursday, April 23, 2015

Community Engagement

North Lindsey College is committed to engaging with the community for the benefit of all. Our students and staff undertake a number of community projects and also participate in fundraising activities throughout the year.

We have formed a Community Engagement Strategy Group to focus our plans to:

  • Incorporate community engagement in our curriculum
  • Actively promote awareness to all staff and students
  • Widen our community network

The Community Engagement Strategy Group:

  • Wayne Dewick, Associate Director Learner Services
  • Bob Dickinson, Equality & Diversity Leader
  • Harold Osborne, College Governor
  • Abid Khan - College Govenor
  • Louise Sharp - Director Business Services
  • David Plumtree - North Lincolnshire Homes
  • Steve Johnstone, Associate Director Programmes HE

Recent activities to support our internal and external community

How can we help you?

If you represent a community group or organisation who have identified a possible opportunity for North Lindsey College’s learners or staff to work with you please contact Wayne Dewick on 01724 294133 or email