Last Updated: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Children Build Blocks at College!

School children from Gunness and Burringham Church of England Primary School had an unusual class when they had a visit to the construction department at North Lindsey College.

‘House and Home’ was the topic that the key stage 1 children had been learning in school.  When brickwork tutor, Chris Longbone, heard about the subject matter he offered his expertise to come into the school and give a talk to the children. 

As promised Chris took along a variety of tools to the school including a spirit level, trowels and piping for the children to hold and have a look at and learn the basics of how their houses have been built.  The young children were so delighted with the talk, he invited them to come into the construction department at North Lindsey College and have a hands on experience using bricks and mortar in the trade workshops.

Mrs Miller (Key Stage 1 Teacher) commented about the children’s experience at College and said, “The children have really had their creative side brought out and this has really linked with cross curricular activities to have a hands on experience.  It has been fabulous for the children and is possibly something that we wouldn’t normally had the opportunity to do.  The kids have loved it and the session has been really hands on whilst engaging the children who like to be out of the classroom.”

School pupil Amber Trattles (aged 6) particularly enjoyed being busy in the workshop and said: “It’s been really, really great!  We got to make our own houses out of cement and bricks.  I liked building with the bricks.”

Stuart Barnard (Curriculum Leader in Construction at North Lindsey College) commented, “We try to raise aspirations from a young age and like and inform our audience of all the areas and opportunities available in construction. It is also important to encourage young people to understand the importance of their fundamental studies including English and Maths and highlight that these are embedded in all areas of study including construction.”