Last Updated: Thursday, February 9, 2017

College Staff Get Tough!

Five college staff were put through their paces when they completed the ‘Tough Guy Challenge 2017’.

The event consists of a 15km full original course with over 200 obstacles involving mud, water and fire; which for some people could encompass extreme fear and panic.

Two of the staff competitors, Kynan Singh and Kiel Cuckson, are fitness instructors at the College’s onsite gym and wanted to be leading examples to their members and students that they deal with on a day to day basis. 

The staff used the onsite College facilities, Kingsway Fitness Suite, to train for the event and get to their fitness to their full potential which involved long distance running, bleep tests, running on the treadmill with a body bag that weighed 20kg, body weight training including push ups, pull ups and sit ups.

Kiel Cuckson (Duty Officer, Kingsway Fitness Suite) said: “I wanted to complete the last Tough Guy competition and pay tribute to Mr Mouse who was the founder of Tough Guy.  I completed the course in 2012 but this year it was much harder with 7000 people competing.  I have learnt not to give up.  When you are competing in something like this you need to be not just physically fit but also mentally prepared.”

The event was Kiel’s second ‘Tough Guy’ event, his first competition was in 2012 in a team with Alan Rayment (Kingsway Fitness Suite Manager) who was one of the first double amputees to complete in the event.

Alan Rayment (Kingsway Fitness Suite Manager) said: “This was a great achievement by all that competed. The January ‘Tough Guy’ is the hardest in the world and I am proud that two of our fitness instructors had participated; it shows that the team at Kingsway Fitness Suite are willing to do these events and it gives them further knowledge, understanding and experience.  The team can now offer first hand advice on how to train for similar events, direct them and achieve their goals.