Last Updated: Thursday, May 4, 2017

Higher Education Students Present their Work at Bolton University

Dedicated students on a university course impressed their lecturer so much, he selected them to present their work at the University of Bolton in front of an audience of lecturers and third year students.

First year Leadership and Management students, Kenny Ward and Ellen Price, have gone above and beyond with their research project on ‘Personality Theory’ which was given to them as an extra piece of work by Rob Garner (Programme Leader, Business and Management).

The presentation was very well received and academic staff at Bolton could not believe the work of the first year students due to the depth and veracity of the research content.  The presentation was focused on Donald Trump and demonstrated the research methods, methodology and literature review with the primary focus on 'How Personality Influences the Decisions We Make' - studying Donald Trump’s recent twitter activity and political statements as a case study.

Rob Garner said, “Both Kenny and Ellen delivered such a polished, enthusiastic and theoretically underpinned presentation that the staff and students alike were utterly impressed by the level of academic study the students had achieved in such a short time.”
Kenny nearly quit the course early on in the term when he started to get behind with studies; but with the help of staff at the University Centre it became apparent that Kenny was dyslexic.  

Kenny (54) runs his own business as well as being a student and said: “I didn’t realise I was dyslexic until I came here.  I realised something was wrong and that I was getting behind and my work was piling up.  I was devastated when my results came through but the staff at College have been inspirational and have helped make light of my jumbled world.  They don’t restrict my thought process; I work things out differently – even the library has put up a white board for me.

“I suffered for months and couldn’t get on at school and in life because of the exams; I couldn’t do them because of the dyslexia but now I can. I would tell anyone to have the confidence and go for it – everyone is clever enough.”
Ellen (35) has had many career changes which include serving in the forces, training in beauty and holistic therapies and she even managed a business before becoming ill with a neurological problem. 

Ellen came along to one of the bite-size sessions which she really enjoyed.  She said: “My confidence has grown so much.  I have never been able to stand up and deliver a presentation to anyone; higher education for me has been life changing.
“We really enjoyed the presentation and would love to present to an even bigger audience.  Delivering the presentation was an amazing experience and we have had some really good feedback, and have since been informed that our work may be turned into a published academic paper which is a huge achievement.”

For further information regarding a higher education programme contact the University Centre Information and Advice Office on 01724 294125.