Last Updated: Monday, December 12, 2016

Maths Challenge 2016

St Lawrence Academy won the Maths Challenge 2016 taking the victory from previous winners Fredrick Gough School.

The annual event which was hosted at Frederick Gough School took place on the 8th December 2016. Sponsored by North Lindsey College, the event saw gifted and talented pupils from local secondary schools go head-to head for the trophy.

Year 8 and 9 students were invited by the school to take part in the competition aimed at inspiring future mathematicians. Pupils from local secondary schools including Frederick Gough School, Sir John Nelthorpe School, The Axholme Academy, Huntcliff Comprehensive School, St Lawrence Academy and Winterton Community Academy took part in the event.

Tom Lawrence, Maths Teacher at Frederick Gough School said, “The idea for the event came from wanting to offer extra curriculum activities in maths outside of the classroom. It’s competitive and the pupils really enjoy it.”

Various tasks were set by the local schools for the pupils to complete. Challenges included group problem solving, a cross-number puzzle and a maths relay challenge.

Mohammed Sulehmam from the winning team at St Lawrence Academy said, “I was relieved when the pressure had gone, but excited that we had won. The event was really well organised and it was great to be involved.”

Hannah Bradbury, Maths Ambassador at North Lindsey College said, “It’s great to see so many students enthusiastic about maths. The challenge is also run internationally and we decided to organise it on a local level to inspire pupils and develop the mathematicians of the future. It is wonderful to see so many students enjoying maths and wanting to choose it as an option when they move from secondary education into FE. The fantastic maths and problem solving skills these students are displaying and improving will take them far in their future studies and careers, whether that be in engineering, science, motorvehicle or hair and beauty. At North Lindsey College we are proud to be a part of it.”