Last Updated: Thursday, June 22, 2017

North Lindsey College and Doncaster College Begin Consultation on Merger

Doncaster College and North Lindsey College have today launched a consultation into a proposal to merge, with students, employees, local communities, businesses and other interested parties invited to find out more about this merger and to share their views.

The Governing Bodies from both Doncaster College and North Lindsey College are proposing that a formal partnership will bring benefits for the learners and local communities of both colleges.  This merger will ensure that distinct, high quality teaching and learning provision continues locally, while maximising the positive impact and opportunities of being a major regional education provider. 

Within this combined organisation, current and future students will have access to a huge range of training and learning opportunities, with focused support to gain skills and qualifications that meet the needs of employers and support their individual journeys to employment.  The reach of the merged organisation will extend beyond the usual geographical boundaries of the colleges’ immediate local areas and establish an educational hub that links students and staff with partners and employers from the Sheffield City Region to the Humber and Lincolnshire. 

Both colleges are clear that the strongest future will come from a merger with the right partner. Andy Tuscher, Chair of Governors at North Lindsey College, commented, “We have a unique opportunity to bring together two strong organisations to form a partnership of equals.  This merger of two highly compatible organisations will allow both colleges to preserve our distinctiveness while building on the individual strengths that we bring to the partnership.”

Paul Pascoe, Chair of Governors at Doncaster College, agreed, “The benefits of this collaboration are clear.  This merger will create a financially robust college, able to invest in curriculum and infrastructure.  Provision for our local communities will continue while regional opportunities will grow.  Together, we will achieve more for our students and communities than would be possible if we remain as independent colleges. “

The formal consultation into the proposed merger takes place between 22nd June and 31st July 2017 and students, employees, local communities, businesses and other interested parties are invited to have their say.  Further information on how to take part in the consultation is available from both college websites [ and], along with a detailed review of the benefits this merger will bring.

In the meantime, there will be no immediate changes for staff or students at either college. Current courses continue as normal, and prospective students should apply for courses in the usual way.

For further information, please contact: North Lindsey College:  Hannah Moss, Marketing Officer  T: 01724 709308