Last Updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Student Running for Young Mayor

North Lindsey College engineering student is in the running to be the Young Mayor of North Lincolnshire.

Cameron McFarlane has major ambitions in life and aims to become a nuclear engineer or work within civil aerospace in the future.

Cameron wants to fill the role of ‘Young Mayor’ and represent youth in North Lincolnshire. His beliefs include three morals that he lives his life by and these include; being fair, including everyone and staying happy and positive.  He believes that he has the voice that can fight for new and fresh ideas and wants to focus on equality and accessibility.

After successfully applying and being interviewed for an executive role as a Shadow Councillor at North Lindsey College, Cameron decided he still wanted to do more and feels that becoming ‘Young Mayor’ will enable him to do this.  He believes he has the communication skills, leadership skills and perseverance to fight for what is right and be a good mayor. 

Cameron McFarlane said: “To me, everyone’s happiness and success is important.

“In recent years, colleges and further education have had a lack of representatives on the youth council.  We need someone that is more experienced to respect the independence, pressure’s and importance of further education and issues that occur in daily life.”

Other subjects that Cameron wants to focus on include education, politics, personal development, mental health and transportation accessibility.  Cameron is one of the eldest candidates in the process, has ran a business and has taught younger students lifeguarding.  He is the only candidate at college and feels his life skills will make him successful.

James Owens (Student Engagement Officer, North Lindsey College) commented, “Cameron is a very mature young man who is highly enthusiastic about getting involved with as much as he possibly can. Alongside his studies he is the Vice-Chairman of the shadow council. Cameron is confident, ambitious and is passionate about everything he does, whether this is at home, College or socially, he always strives to be the best.”

The voting process will take place in the first two weeks in February.  All students and school pupils aged eleven to eighteen are eligible to vote and ballot boxes will be put in local schools and colleges.