Last Updated: Friday, March 31, 2017

Students Air their Views on Radio

Students at North Lindsey College had the opportunity to air their views during a live interview with BBC Radio Humberside regarding the triggering of Article 50.

The students were delighted to have their opinions heard by the local radio station which was aired out live from Café Indie as many students were not of age to vote. 

Cameron McFarlane, 17, (Young Mayor of North Lincolnshire) is an A Level Physics student as well as studying for a Level 3 in Engineering particularly has strong views on this political front and was pleased to represent the youth in the area and have their voices heard.

Cameron spoke about his hopes for leaving, he said, “Some clarity is required financially on how we are going to cope with visa’s, travel and also the unemployment.”

Cameron also stated that, “In Scotland it has had a massive effect on 16 and 17 year olds being able to vote in the Scottish and local government elections and I believe the youth has a right to say how their future could be affected.”

James Owens, Student Engagement Officer at North Lindsey College supported the students and also had his views aired.  James said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for students to get their opinions across about the triggering of Article 50.  At North Lindsey College it is important that students get their voice across about important political decisions as this will affect their future more than anyone else.”

Q60 - Judi Murden (BBC Radio Humberside Reporter with students  David Lockwood, Cameron McFarlane and Scott Mitchell