Last Updated: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Students Experience the World of Work

Students at North Lindsey College have accumulatively racked up over 35,000 hours of work experience this academic year so far.

Every student at North Lindsey College has the opportunity to participate in work experience with a local business and in many cases has even resulted in an apprenticeship or employment.

Danny Fenwick (Head of Performance – Technical and Professional) said: “At North Lindsey College we are focused on developing our student’s employability skills to ensure they are fully prepared for the world of work.  We work closely with local employees to ensure we focus on the key skills students need to develop to meet the needs of industry.  Work experience is a fantastic opportunity for students to put these skills into practice in a safe, supportive and challenging environment and a great opportunity to enhance their CV’s.”

The College has fantastic employer links with over 1500 employers involved in many industries including engineering, construction and education to support students in their next steps to build a successful career.

Dave Chilton from Carbon International said, “We have worked closely with North Lindsey College since October 2015; by giving students a chance to carry out real life work experience.  I have personally met some really good students whom have impressed me and the rest of the team with their skills and abilities.  Work experience is the way forward for these young people, working alongside our experienced experts; the students get a chance to use their new found skills within a real life industry. We will continue to work with the College to support students.”

Work experience provides vital experience for post 16 students and forms an integral part of the 16-19 study programme in England and Wales.  Colleges are expected to offer students high quality and meaningful work experience as part of their 16-19 programme of study.

Joel Brand (Level 3 Engineering Student) recently undertook some work experience at BAE systems and said: “During my work placement at BAE Systems I learnt that teamwork is a huge role within the company due to many of the different departments communicating with each other to resolve problems. Also, I learnt what it is like to be in a working environment, which gave me a big in-site into the world of work. I really enjoyed my work placement as I learned lots of information I didn't already know about departments such as Aerodynamics, Structures and Design. The main object I have taken from the work experience is that the apprenticeship at the company is something I would really like to be a part of and is something I am going to work hard towards achieving.”

Richard Joksa came to North Lindsey College to study computing.  As part of his course Richard completed work experience at Maplin’s Scunthorpe store; a specialist retail chain for home electronics and accessories.

Richard spent two days a week in placement over a three-week period as part of his course. At the end of his organised placement the manager was so impressed with Richard that he asked if he would stay as a paid employee.

For further information regarding work experience opportunities or taking on a student contact the Work Experience Coordinator at North Lindsey College on 01724 709427.