Last Updated: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thoughtful Students Create a Memorial Tree for a Local School

Fabrication and welding students have made a memorial tree in a touching gesture for St Luke’s Primary School.

The talented fabrication and welding students who helped to create the structure met staff from the school who made a special visit into college to see the tree for the first time.

The students have worked on the eight-foot structure in their own time to perfect their creation for the school over the last four months; enabling them to add names of their past students onto the tree so they can all be remembered in a special place altogether.

The school had been wanting to create something to remind them of past pupils for a long time but plans came to a halt when prices were coming in too high.  It was suggested that the school approach the college engineering department to see if they could help and ideas finally came to fruition.

The structure was agreed and created with donations from local firms Kass Steel and Eng-Weld who helped make the tree possible.  Each leaf individually represents former pupils that have since passed away and their name will be added on in remembrance.

Alistair Sutherland (Head Teacher) said, “I think the tree looks absolutely brilliant and the students have done a fantastic job; it’s far better than I could expect and I can’t wait to see it on the school grounds.”

Final touches still need to be made before the structure is finally presented to the school; the tree will then be installed in a prominent position at the school for the staff and students to remember and reflect on the time former pupils spent at St Luke’s Primary School. 

Fabrication and Welding Students, Callum Barstow-Lewis and Rhys Day, both helped work on the tree and said, “It’s been enjoyable working on this, it has been challenging but nice working as a team and for a real cause.  We have learnt a lot from this project including new techniques; we just hope everyone else likes it as much as we do.”