Last Updated: Thursday, March 23, 2017

My week as an Apprentice

Jess Bocock is an Apprentice at HCF Catch in Stallingborough.

Throughout my studies at school and college, I have always been interested in business and really wanted to work within a business environment. I applied for the vacancy at HCF Catch as it is a fantastic facility and the apprenticeship allows me to learn on the job whilst gaining a recognised qualification and more importantly – experience! I am based in the main reception area and my duties involve reception and general business administration.

This is a typical week of my apprenticeship and with it being the 10th Anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week – I am more than happy to share it with you.

Monday -  Customer service is key!

This morning I opened up the premises at 7.30am to get everything prepared for the meetings and training sessions scheduled for today.  It is important for me to be organised as there are often several events happening at the same time. After logging onto my computer I am busy in reception directing customers to where they need to be. I have gained a good knowledge of the site and through my organisational skills I can confidently ensure that all customers and visitors are given correct instructions of where they need to be and receive the customer service they expect from our organisation.

Every day I process the post and place into the relevant trays. I open the post addressed to CATCH, stamp it and give it to our finance lady so there is a record kept.

A small part of my job is to ensure that all our visitors have ample supplies of beverages during meetings and training sessions and I keep everything topped up and clean for them!

For an hour it is important that I revise for my exams that I am sitting on Thursday.

Tuesday – Prospective clients!

This morning was another busy day with visitors and I started the day by signing them in and showing them where they needed to be.  I did all the room changes needed for the upcoming week on our computer system.

This afternoon I showed a prospective client around site to view the rooms we have available for hire. It was the first time I had the responsibility of showcasing our facility and we walked around the whole site. I was more than happy when she later decided to go ahead and make a booking!  I have also been completing quotes today as I have received emails from interested clients also looking for prices of the rooms and availability for hire.

Today I have also been creating security fobs for both staff and apprentices on site.

Wednesday – Enquiries, enquiries!

Today all members of staff have a post board meeting with the CEO which is routine every 2 months for important updates and communication.

I have received lots of enquiries over the telephone today which I have had to prioritise. Many enquiries I can deal with myself but some I have to pass onto a senior member of staff or the relevant department.

I also took delivery of stock and processed accordingly.  We have many events here at CATCH and I have been involved in helping make a poster for one of the upcoming events. This has given me a chance to show my creative skills which I really enjoyed.

It is exam day tomorrow so I needed to put time aside to collect information needed and prepare!

Thursday – It’s exam day…

Today I travelled to North Lindsey College at Scunthorpe to complete my Business Admin and ICT exam. I had my ICT exam in the morning and my Business Admin in the afternoon. During the 3 hour break in between I just revised for my following exam and tried to remain calm and focussed. As a successful end to the day I passed both exams and the revision paid off!

Friday – Job swap with the CEO!

It’s back to normal today and Friday’s tend to be quieter than other days which give me the opportunity to catch up on my emails from the previous day.

We have a weekly overview meeting which allows us to discuss the upcoming week and allows us to see what room changes need to take place. On a Friday I will forward plan and make the registers for the next week so I can place them out first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

It is the last day of National Apprenticeship week so today I swapped roles with my CEO – David Talbot. He took over the reception, greeting customers and giving directions and I sat in his comfy chair and admired the view!

It has been a busy week but I have met lots of nice people, learnt lots of new things and passed my exams so this weekend maybe a cause for a little celebration!