Last Updated: Thursday, January 12, 2017

Twenty Years and Still on Duty!

The Kingsway Fitness Suite is celebrating the outstanding commitment of its longest serving Duty Officer for his 20 years’ service.

Steve Abbey (age 49) started his employment on 7th January 1997 and states he is as committed as ever to the College.

Steve originally trained in the catering industry but came to North Lindsey College in 1995 with a career change in mind.  Being a keen runner, Steve settled on a sport and recreation course and become a student after finding himself redundant from his previous post.  Steve soon realised he had found a new passion and thrived so much at his studies he was offered a full time job at the Kingsway Fitness Suite as a Duty Officer.

Kingsway Fitness Suite Customer, John Needham, said: “Steve is always cheerful and helpful.  He is always keen to support others and is friendly and approachable with everyone.”

On a day to day basis some of Steve’s main job roles include supporting students, creating fitness programmes, delivering classes, completing assessments, raising awareness of health and fitness and offering coaching and supervision when appropriate.

Steve commented: “I love my job, I enjoy looking after customers and enjoy working with the staff.  Every day is different; everyone has their own goals and I like to help them achieve those goals.

“The College look after their staff and the support is always there when you need it.”

The College recognises the commitment to its staff members and Steve was recently recognised and nominated for an award by other College employees.  Comments received from his nomination stated that Steve is one of the most energetic people that you will meet and that he has so much love and enthusiasm for what he does. 

The College Principal selected Steve from the nominations to receive this prestigious award.  However, this was not the first award Steve had received as in 2005 he also picked up an award for his services to the College.

Principal Anne Tyrrell commented, “Steve is a very deserving winner of the Principal's prize, which recognises staff that consistently go the extra mile. Steve lives and breathes our College values and is such a positive, committed and loyal member of the North Lindsey Team. He consistently goes the above and beyond and ultimately it is our students and staff who benefit from the fact that Steve always puts other people first.”