Last Updated: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Two Meerkats are looking to be named as College welcomes new additions to its Animal Management Centre

North Lindsey College has welcomed five meerkats to its animal management centre.

Two of the meerkats still need to be named and the College is welcoming suggestions from the general public.  The five meerkats came from Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo in Pembrokeshire, Wales to be re-homed.


Deanna Band (Technician - Animal Management) said, “The engaging and charismatic group are settling in very well and are an amazing addition to our expanding animal collection making them the 65th species housed within the Animal Care Centre.


“This exotic species will provide our learners with essential animal experience to meet the needs of the curriculum they are undertaking whilst broadening their understanding of wild animals captive husbandry requirements. Our students will gain knowledge from trained, experienced members of staff regarding the 5 welfare needs for these animals including but not limited to health, diet, maintenance, veterinary care and social structures as well as exploring career possibilities from zoo biology to wildlife conservation.”


The group of meerkats include a mature female named Alexandra who has just turned 9, She is very food orientated and it doesn’t take her long to seek it out.  Joker is a 5 year old neutered male and Fury is his litter sister. These two have slender faces, are very inquisitive and are always up to mischief especially Fury.


The other two females are yet to be named, one is 2 years old and the other is 4. These two are very shy in comparison to the other bolder characters and have taken the longest to get to know. They have sweet little faces, shorter noses than the others.


Should you wish to put your suggestions forward and win the opportunity to name of the meerkat please e.mail by 5th April and the winner will be selected.