Last Updated: Monday, July 9, 2018

Children Graduate at North Lindsey College

Young people across North Lincolnshire attend the second graduation service as part of the Children’s University.

The venture, spearheaded by The University Centre based at North Lindsey College, is part of a national organisation aimed at providing exciting out-of-school activities to develop new interests and acquire new skills for 5 -14 year olds.

The annual graduation event is recognition of all of the hard work the children have put in during the past year to earn their certificates and continue moving through the degree classifications, collecting hours in their passports participating in out of school clubs and activities.

The children were dressed in caps and gowns and received a certificate in a special assembly in front of parents and their friends. 

The programme, which was launched in 2016, works in partnership with local primary and secondary schools to encourage children and young people to take part in a wide range of learning opportunities outside of school hours.

Harry from Eastoft Church of England Primary School is a year 5 pupil who clocked up a whopping 230 hours in his passport and top graduate for 2018.  He received a Bronze Level Diploma and stated, “I have been involved with the Children's University for the past two years. It has given me the opportunity to take part in lots of outdoor/indoor activities such as: rock climbing, English Heritage sights, clubs after school and sports. 10% of the activities I have done have been in school, the rest haven't.

Being involved with the Children's University has allowed me to visit places I wouldn't usually go, including going to Stonehenge, I would say that it's not just about collecting hours, it's about having fun outdoors and out of school.

The range of activities has helped me understand that I should go outdoors more. I have taken part in a range of sports I wouldn't usually play at school which has made me more skilled and confident. My favourite experience was having the chance to go to 'EUREKA' which is a children's science museum in Halifax.

I would strongly recommend younger children joining the Children's University because it gives you an experience and a chance to take part in different activities.

I have enjoyed the previous graduation ceremonies at my school, getting myself a bronze as well as a silver award. I've been looking forward to this graduation at (The University Centre) North Lindsey College because it is the biggest I've done so far.  I intend to continue gaining and collecting hours as I progress to be a Year 6."

For further information regarding the Children’s University scheme, or to apply to be a learning destination please contact the or telephone 01724 294125.