Last Updated: Thursday, June 9, 2016

Equality & Diversity

Here at North Lindsey College we are committed to ensuring that all staff and students are treated equally and do not suffer any form of discrimination.

Regardless of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sexual Orientation (being gay, lesbian, bisexual)
  • Gender Identity/expression (being transgender)
  • Pregnancy/Maternity

The purpose of or Equality & Diversity policy is to ensure:

  • That the college is actively advancing Equality of opportunity.
  • That all members of staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the Equality Act.
  • Eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by or under the Equality Act 2010.

Our Statement on Equality and Diversity is:

  • The College is committed to providing an environment that reflects and respects the diversity of individuals and ensures equality of opportunity for all.
  • The College seeks to employ a workforce which reflects the diverse community at large because we value the individual contributions of all people.
  • We will treat all employees with respect and dignity and provide a working environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation.
  • The College, within the framework of the law and best personnel practice, are committed, wherever practicable, to achieving and maintaining a workforce, which broadly reflects the local community.
  • No employee or job applicant should be disadvantaged or treated less favourably because of conditions or requirements imposed, which can not be objectively justified by the College. The College will seek to make reasonable adjustments to its arrangements and premises with a view to avoiding any disadvantage to individuals.
  • Action will be taken to ensure that individuals are treated according to their individual needs and that decisions on recruitment, selection, pay, training, promotion and career management and on the termination of employment are based solely on objective and job related criteria.

Who do I speak to?

If you have any concerns or just want more information on how the college can support you then contact:

  • Bob Dickinson (Advanced Practitioner – Equality & Diversity)
  • Progression and Achievement Coaches
  • Personnel Department

Want more information online?

Why not check out the Equality and Diversity section on Moodle, the Learner Intranet. Just click on the 'Equality and Diversity' button for news, links and forums.

Remember, Equality works at North Lindsey College.