Last Updated: Thursday, May 16, 2013


Full-Time Students

All applications for entry to full-time programmes must be through the national Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS).

  • When: as a general guide, applications can be made to UCAS between September and mid-January. Check their web site for specifics. We do consider applications throughout the year, although the earlier you submit means that you receive a decision and can start to plan accordingly.
  • How: apply online via UCAS - Apply

The UCAS code for North Lindsey College is N64.

For further information and advice please contact our experienced and friendly staff. We treat all applicants as individuals and much prefer to offer you an informal discussion first. This is particularly valuable to both of us as we pursue a policy of the broadest possible access to programmes.

What next

  • Once you have submitted your application, UCAS sends copies of your application to all the institutions you have selected.
  • Each will make a decision based on your application, and may invite you for interview or an audition.
  • If the institution can offer you a place on a course, the offer will be communicated via UCAS TRACK. The institution may then invite you to an Open Day.
  • If you are unable to meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, the institution could also offer you an alternative course, or will provide you with feedback about why they were unable to offer you a place.

If you receive an offer, it will either be:

  • Conditional - you must meet certain conditions which are usually based on exam results.
  • Unconditional - you have been accepted without any further conditions

Offers should be accepted or declined. You may accept an offer as Firm or Insurance.

  • Firm is your preferred choice
  • Insurance is your back-up choice

Part-Time Students

All applications for entry to part time programmes should be made direct to North Lindsey College, using a Higher Education Part-Time Application. This form is available from the HE Information and Advice Office telephone number 01724 294125 or email