Last Updated: Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NLC International

North Lindsey College began a programme of International Activity in 2007.

International Activity

The first International exchanges took place in April 2008, when 6 Motor vehicle students travelled to Mid Plains Community College in Nebraska. These students and accompanying staff lived on campus and attended classes, participating in a wide range of social and academic / vocational activity. In North Platte, Nebraska, our students and staff are treated like celebrities, appearing on television and on the front page of the local papers. The students find themselves being interviewed on camera, making presentations to Rotary and in front of the other college staff and learners. They see a life and culture very different to that in Scunthorpe and experience things so new and different; it broadens their minds to the opportunities that can be open to them.

North Lindsey College helps students to travel by subsidising the cost of their air fares.

Since the programme of exchanges began in 2008, 30 students have travelled to Nebraska, - Motor vehicle twice, Health and social care, Childcare, Sport and Construction. Also 6 students have travelled to California, from Business and IT and from HE. 4 students have travelled with the 14-16 Global Awareness Programme to California form the College’s outstanding 14 – 16 Skills Centre along with their teachers from the schools.

In total, 40 students have travelled across the Atlantic to live and work with their peers in our partner colleges in North Platte , Nebraska, and California

This year 2011/2012 the College is planning to send 10 students to Toronto (early years and sport) and a further 10 to Nebraska ( curriculum area yet to be decided)

All of this fabulous experiential learning is supported by the College who pay for the visitors activities when the other Colleges travel to Scunthorpe. This enables even more students to participate in the exchange of best practice and culture. Much of the activity here in Scunthorpe is heavily supported both financially and in terms of time by staff and managers across the College, who enthusiastically engage with the programme, to accompany the travellers to York, Lincoln, Whitby, to bowling and quiz nights. In addition to the social aspects of the visit, the visitors spend much time in class in North Lindsey working alongside the Scunthorpe students and taking exams and gaining certificates which are different to those available in America.

Staff have made a concerted effort this year to raise money to help subsidise North Lindsey students to pay for their flights. There have been Bike nights, Concerts, a Spring fair, an International dinner, raffles, Car washing and special events which have involved all parts of the college.

The College has also followed a programme of raising Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire’s profile on an International platform. In February 2008, North Lindsey College’s Principal – Professor Roger Bennett, delivered papers on the College’s best practice at World Congress in New York.

Following this The Principal and Deputy Principal – Janice Keilthy attended the American Association of Colleges Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, where they presented 5 papers on Best Practice from North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe. This was the first time any English College had been asked to present at such a level.

In June 2010, The Principal and Deputy Principal travelled to Niagara, Canada, to again present Best Practice on a range of topics from North Lindsey College, not least of which was how to set up and run International exchange programmes. This was very well received by delegates from all over the world.

The Principal and Deputy Principal presented a paper at World Congress in Birmingham, England in November 2010 in conjunction with our partners from Nebraska about International Partnerships and Exchanges. The President and Vice President from Nebraska travelled to England for this event to help put North Lindsey College on an International Stage yet again.

The Principal has travelled to Jersey in June 2011 to deliver best practice presentations which shared with peers in Jersey the excellent practice which makes North Lindsey an Outstanding College.

For each event when students travel or the College hosts students, careful consideration is taken to ensure the best value experience for the students.

North Lindsey College firmly believes that the opportunity to travel to colleges in other countries adds to the learning experience of the students and gives them a much broader perspective on the many international opportunities for employment that are available to them once they have successfully completed their courses in Scunthorpe.

The International exchange programme is ongoing and growing to include more Colleges outside of the UK mainland so that we can continue to offer such an exciting once in a life time opportunity to travel and study abroad to North Lindsey College Learners.