Last Updated: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Vision

To Raise Ambition And Aspiration Through Learning


To deliver high quality education and training which enables and inspires individuals, employers and communities to develop their skills, unlock potential and realise their ambitions.

Strategic Priorities


Key Performance Indicators

1. Enabling the fulfilment of potential and progression.   1. 90% of leavers to progress to positive destinations by 2016
2. An outstanding reputation for teaching, learning & assessment.   2. Success rates in top 10% nationally by 2016
3. Economic growth through innovation & employer partnerships.   3. £1m growth in income by 2016
4. Securing our future stability.   4. Financial health rated good
5. Recognise & realise the potential of our staff.   5. All areas assessed as good or outstanding

Our Core Values

  • High standards and high aspirations
  • A welcoming, caring, supportive, safe and inclusive environment
  • An open, honest and respectful culture
  • Individual and collective responsibility
  • Initiative, innovation and creativity
  • Collaboration, partnership & team working
  • Enjoyment and achievement