Last Updated: Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sustainable College - Meeting the Challenge

North Lindsey College is fully committed to sustainability, minimising the adverse impact of our activities on the environment and to doing all we can to promote sustainability, conserve energy, decrease consumption, and reduce our carbon footprint.

To this end, we are taking steps towards and aim to:

  • Incorporate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into all tutorial programmes
  • Actively promote awareness to all staff and students
  • Maximise energy and resource efficiency within the College operations
  • Purchase recycled materials for daily operations
  • Reduce waste and encourage sustainable practices

The Sustainability College Group

David Simons – Associate Director Campus & Projects
Jason Barnard – Quality & Information Officer
Heather Poole – Health & Safety Administrator
Danny Fenwick – Lecturer Health & Social Care
Hazel Waller – Lecturer - Sustainability
Richard Nelson – Learning Guides Co-ordinator- Additional Support
Simon Wardley – Workforce Development Sector Co-ordinator
Bob Dickinson – Lecturer - Music
Andrea Tait – Purchasing Officer
David Ryall – Lecturer - ETEC
Glyn Brumby - Lecturer - Built Environment