Last Updated: Monday, January 15, 2018

Who's Who

The Corporation Board is a team of like-minded people.

Board Members are viewed as "Non-executive Directors" of the College, to enhance relationships with other stakeholders e.g. the Senior Management Team (SMT), staff, students, auditors, employers, governing bodies and local community groups.

Our Members

If you would like to view more imformation about a Committee Member, click on a Members photo (if available).

  • Mrs A. Tyrrell

    Mrs A. Tyrrell

  • Mr A. Tuscher

    Mr A. Tuscher

  • Mr H. Osborne

    Mr H. Osborne

  • Mr P. Adams

    Mr P. Adams

  • Mr A. Khan

    Mr A. Khan

  • Mr P. Grinell

    Mr P. Grinell

  • Mrs L. Sharp

    Mrs L. Sharp

  • Mr G. Clarke

    Mr G. Clarke

  • A. Briggs

    A. Briggs

  • R. Brook

    R. Brook

  • M. Keyworth

    M. Keyworth

  • D. Hilditch

    D. Hilditch

  • I. Falconer

    I. Falconer

  • K. Walker

    K. Walker

  • M. Lynds

    M. Lynds

  • M. Swales

    M. Swales

  • N. Jackson

    N. Jackson

  • P. Pascoe

    P. Pascoe

  • P. Senior

    P. Senior

  • R. Stubbs

    R. Stubbs